Why Man City Should Push for England to Host the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup by a Man City Fan

Important Announcement that could be major for our club! 6 days ago, the Japan Football Association dropped its rights to host the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup. Right now, FIFA is coming up with a new host. Man City and The FA should push for England to host the FIFA Club World Cup. If so, Manchester City would qualify for its first FIFA Club World Cup as the host nation’s champions (2020-2021 Premier League/English National Champions).  

Why is this so important? Our owners set out to be the best club in the world. The truth is that we have been the best club in the world according to match consistency. But, we have yet to win the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup, in addition to the FIFA Club World Cup. 

A lot of people may be thinking, okay, but let us focus on the UEFA competitions. I get that. But here is the thing. The UEFA competitions will continue forever. Currently, the Club World Cup is expected to go through changes, where it will be played once every 4 years with 24 teams. However, they do not know if this will actually happen. And, if it does, UEFA may boycott. 

Why is this relevant to Man City? Well, apart from the fact that becoming World Champions would mean Man City finally conquered the World, it also means that Man City may never have another chance at competing for a Club World Cup again! That would be a shame for arguably the best club since the 2017-2018 season on a year to year basis. 

What would Man City achieve by winning the FIFA Club World Cup? Well, the prize money from FIFA itself for winning it would be around 10 million U.S. dollars, but when you include the extra advertisements and the club being promoted around the world, especially in South America, it could be much more money made. As for prestige, nothing could be higher, because there is no other way to become World Champions at the club level than to win the Club World Cup. I understand for Europeans, the Champions League may carry more weight, but the Club World Cup is the World Championship for Clubs. This would put Man City equal on Club World Cups to Liverpool, 1 CWC away from equalling Man United, albeit, 6 away from Real Madrid. But, the point is that this tournament, much like the EFL Cup, is one of the trophies that Man City can become the most successful in from England immediately, which adds to their bragging rights and prestige within England, and historical prestige. Also, it would be cool to see Man City with a Gold FIFA Club World Champions patch on their kits!

It would be a brilliant plan. See, Man City has many years to win the Champions League and the Super Cup. They have the team and the resources to do it. And, if the Club World Cup was going to continue to be held every year, sure, Man City could accomplish this too! But, with the Club World Cup, as explained before, Man City may not even have the chance to compete in it again. And, even if they did, moving it to once every 4 years, plus making it a 24 team tournament makes winning the Club World Cup vastly harder to win than it is now. Currently, if England did host the FIFA Club World Cup 2021, Man City would play 4 matches. They would play Auckland City FC (New Zealand/Oceania), and then either the North American Champions, the Asian Champions, or Al Ahly (Egypt/Africa), followed by a match against either Chelsea (England/Europe) or the South American Champions, and then the other club that got to the Club World Cup Final! Only one of those matches would Man City not be heavily favoured in, and that match would be against a team they most likely would still be favoured against, Chelsea. 

The new format would be vastly more difficult with a group stage followed by most likely a Round of 16 and so on until the Final, and could feature up to 8 UEFA clubs. Plus, being hosted once every 4 years may mean it falls on an off year for Man City. And, if hosted in the summer, Man City may not even have its best players. 

Last season’s Champions League Final loss hurt for many reasons! But, as a Man City supporter looking for future successes, one of those reasons was the fact that Man City may not only lose its shot at winning a very winnable FIFA CWC, but that it may lose its shot to ever compete in one. 

Man City has a chant  “City City The Best Team In All The Land And All The World”! Would it not be great for Man City to prove that on the pitch this winter at the Club World Cup? 

Written by a fellow Cityzen


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