Updates on 2022 Winter Olympics Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament – Semifinals

USA 2 Slovakia 3 (0-1 GWS)

Russian Olympic Committee 3 Denmark 1

Finland 5 Switzerland 1

Sweden 2 Canada 0


The USA wasted their chances away as David Quinn had one of the worst coaching jobs of all-time. The USA knew they had power play scoring issues and they did not improve these and even got worse! They knew they had trouble with an opposing open net and did not improve this. The USA should have also known how to take penalties, but kept going to the glove side and shooting at the glove side, along with some half-powered attempts the other way. The USA looked to be the best team because they did not look good in terms of Hockey technique and strategy, but were elite despite these. They had two days to correct these mistakes, and did not. They had a 5-3, and multiple 5-4 opportunities and 0 goals. The USA had a 4-4 opportunity with superior speed and did not accomplish a goal. Even in overtime with a 3-3 opportunity, the Americans once again could not use their athleticism to their advantage. Lots of improvements need to be made for American Ice Hockey or else, the USA will continue to be the best team in the world until when it matters most, the knockout rounds. The USA will again be a favorite in the 2022 World Championships, and for an American ice hockey fan, those cannot come soon enough.

Slovakia played well at times, such as with their goalie, but should have lost by at least 3 goals. Any team left will most likely crush them if the Slovakians give them as many power plays and opportunities as the Americans were given. Slovakia even got away with another high stick toward the end of the game. The Slovakians will be looking to win their first Gold Medal as an independent nation later this week. They can do it, but not playing like they did against the USA.

The Russian Olympic Committee did well to gain a 2 goal win. By scoring on a power play in the 3rd Period late, the Russians did what the Americans did not and that was put the game away. The Russians still do not look too impressive, but are still in the tournament with the best roster.

Denmark missed an opportunity to win a medal in Olympic Ice Hockey as the Russian Olympic Committee was not playing too well, and not many others were. The Danish should have capitalized on this more, but regardless, Denmark played far above anyone’s expectations, besides their own presumably. The Danish are miles ahead where they were expected to be from the outside looking in, and can use their positive momentum to do well at the 2022 World Championship.

Finland was dominate over Switzerland and once again looks like the favorites after the USA were eliminated. Finland has an elite offense and their defense was strong to hold a resurgent Switzerland to 1 goal.

Switzerland had a difficult tournament and only won 1 game. They continue to do bad from the last World Championship. Switzerland should have been better with the lack of NHL players and how good the Swiss League is. However, Finland is so good, so a knockout against Finland is not so bad.

Sweden did well to hold the Canadians to 0 goals, and their 3rd Period saw 2 goals in the final 10 minutes to win against Canada. Sweden’s offense was lacking, but their defense was solid. Sweden has a tough game next, but should win.

Canada: Canada was impressive in their wins, and uninspiring in their losses. Canada missed so many opportunities against the USA and then scored 0 goals against Sweden. Their 5 goal games and Germany and PR China and their 7 goal game against PR China the 2nd time. Their average margin of victory was +4.75 goals while their average margin of loss was -2 and 1 goal for on average. Canada’s lack of NHL players did not help, but their player selection was not good for the talent they do have overseas. Last Winter Olympics, Canada got bronze in men’s ice hockey with a better overseas selection.


18 February (PR China Time):

Finland verse Slovakia

Russian Olympic Committee verse Sweden


Finland should defeat Slovakia because Finland is the best team left from a performance at the tournament perspective. From a talent perspective, only the Russian Olympic Committee is better and Finland is much better than Slovakia. However, Slovakia did play well against Latvia and Germany. Against the USA, Slovakia played bad and still won because the USA played worse. But, Slovakia is no easy opponent. Both of these nations are going for their first Gold medal, but Slovakia has one Gold medals before with their Czech neighbors as Czechoslovakia. Finland should win by 1+ goal.

The Russian Olympic Committee is the most talented team at the Olympics and has the best lineup. But, Sweden has been playing much better. Sweden is the better team right now and should win. The Russian Olympic Committee will try to make it to 2 straight Gold Medal games. The Russian Olympic Committee won the 2018 Gold Medal in Men’s Ice Hockey at the Winter Olympics. Sweden should win by 1+ goal.


  1. Finland
  2. Sweden
  3. Russian Olympic Committee
  4. Slovakia


  • USA
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • PR China

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