Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a big winner from the Ukrainian Crisis, here is why:

Yes, the title is correct and why, because of refugees!

The left wing and Representative Ocasio-Cortez are often accused of supporting refugees to get votes or due to their obsession with non-White and non-Christian populations. These are many of the accusations from the right wing and others closer to center.

And when Democrats do not support things like Voter ID which could decrease a lot of the pushback against refugees coming in, it does make it appear to be this, or in other words, makes it appear they are more for the votes than helping the humanitarian side of the issue.

But, to Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s credit, she tweeted out support for Ukraine and for the USA being prepared for bringing in Ukrainian refugees.

This is important because Ukrainians are often more right-leaning and are White and Christian. This goes against a lot of the prevailing accusations raised against the modern-lefts’ policies for refugees.

Thus, even with the lack of being for Voter ID, Representative Ocasio-Cortez has proved herself to be genuine and principled on the refugee topic, at least with words anyway. That should prove good for her political future. She put people above politics. And, in the USA’s case, it would definitely be good to have more Ukrainians in the USA as they are often hard workers and smart, like most immigrants, and especially refugees.

And, this furthers the narrative Democrats have been trying to preach which is that they are pro-refugee because they care about their humanity. This shows so far in the Ukrainian Crisis.


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