Russian Invasion of Ukraine proves Republicans and Swiss Right on National Security/2nd Amendment

Republicans’ pro-2nd Amendment stance is a big winner coming from the Ukraine War.

Had Ukrainians had their weapons sooner, Ukraine would have been better prepared to fight the Russians.

The Republican stance often seems a bit idealistic, but the way the Swiss do it often does not.


Because the Swiss seem smart while the Republicans are stereotyped in media as only caring about “God, Guns, and Country”.

There is a reason Switzerland is never invaded and that is because everyone there knows how to use a gun (okay, not everyone I am sure, but a lot), and they are fortified by mountains and these mountains have weapons built into them. Plus, who wants to ruin an Alpine skiing paradise? But back on topic.

When you attack Switzerland, you attack a country armed!

When you attack most other countries, you have to wait for the inefficiencies of military, police, security guards, etcetera.

But, we do need to address the elephant in the room, and no it is not Republicans, but it is something far less fun than a party, and those are school shootings and other mass shootings! Republicans need to find a message and policy that works for the American people if they want to be so pro-2nd Amendment. I suggest putting more security around the schools that are very covert, but also some that are overt to show strength. Americans spend so much money on schooling for kids, and school safety should be the highest expenditure. Therefore, with all the retired American veterans who are jobless, the ones that pass intense background checks, they should be hired as extra school security guards! And, since the NSA, FBI, and CIA spy on Americans anyway, mine as well put some secret agents in schools. And no, this is not a joke. It very much needed to happen many years ago.

Furthermore, like Switzerland, but probably in a different way, the USA should incentivize gun training for each American citizen. That way, they can defend themselves.

Furthermore, security needs to be at malls and other places too. If having guns saves a country from invasion, then America needs the guns, but if it makes the country more dangerous, then America needs more security. Instead, many push for less in both.

Definitely a Partisan Post, but it is true

Okay, and this 100% partisan and very Conservative, plus based on an unscientific Twitter Poll that may seem absolutely ridiculous to show, but it actually is not. It shows that self-described Conservatives in the USA would protect the USA at a 91+% if a country ever was attacked. You may be thinking that is less than 50%, but taking into account that less than 50% of Americans still is bigger than Russia in population, the ninth largest country in the world, that is impressive. Imagine if 100+% of Russians were ready to fight an invasion, you probably would not invade. That is the point.

POLL: 91.8% Of Americans Would Carry Out ‘Red Dawn’ Style Attacks If The USA Was Invaded

The only question becomes will other Americans fight against the USA, or not? Hopefully, they will just stay back, because at the rate of people that would fight, the USA would readily win if someone invaded, barring a major upset for the other side.

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