The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban) Showed brilliant diplomatic language in Russia-Ukraine War so far:

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan had a very professionally worded diplomatic message for the Ukraine and Russia War, and in English!

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan also showed a good seal, and really nice colors. This may seem trivial, but this is very important because for so long, the Taliban-led Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was so dull in everything they did. You know how people complain about the NFL being the No Fun League, well the Taliban was that but for leading a country. So, believe it or not, but nice colors can actually be a turning point in the Taliban led Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the command of the English language and the seal in English suggest that English speakers are employed or are outsourced by the Taliban, another good sign because if English is used more, even if for diplomatic reasons, this suggests another sign of a move away from radicalism.

And lastly, their concern over Afghan students and migrants in the region displays a deeper connection with the diaspora that before would have come across as enemies for having left or for having different ideals. The Taliban appear to show genuine concern and an ability to be a normal and high performing diplomatic country with this message. And, their concern for what would have been called “infidel countries” is immensely important! It shows the Taliban now cares for Christians too.

But, remember the source, and it is not Breaking911, rather, it is the Taliban/Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. They have been a terrible group of people who constantly lie. Most likely, just like during the war, the Taliban have just found ways to speak to the media to make themselves look good like in this example, when in reality, they are causing many human rights abuses and tons of other horrible things. For example, under the Taliban, Afghanistan has now become the most dangerous place for Christians to live, and women’s rights are extremely limited there if existent at all. But still, this could prove a better Taliban.

Overall, is was a great to see the Taliban changing some of their ways, even if only for fake propaganda.

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