Shed some Sympathy for Russians too

The Russian people are suffering too!

Their loved ones are being killed.

Their country is receiving lots of hate.

Their pride is at an all-time low!

Their money may get to an all-time low!

Their leader is harassing them for their protesting and dissent!

Their leader might bring them into nuclear war!

It is a mess there too!

Most Russians are amazing people who are very friendly.

They have talented athletes, actors/actresses, musical artsits, artists, scholars, scientists, and so much more like amazing cooks! Russians have the ability to make really good Italian and American food believe it or not.

The Russians have some of the most spectacular cities from Moscow to Saint Petersburg to Kazan and all the way to Vladivostok and down to Sochi!

The Russians have a very diverse population too, native to their country from Buddhist Mongolic Kalmyks to Finno-Uralic Karelians to Turkic Muslim Tartars, and of course, Slavic Eastern Orthodox Russians! They have many more people groups than this.

The point is, Russia is a fantastic place to love and not to hate!

You can dislike their government or their leaders, but try to be nice to Russians, especially those that have left for a better life abroad. They probably left because they did not like the actions of some of the people in their former country just like you do not!

Published by CK 22

I like history, politics, foreign diplomacy, sports, and more. Basically, the most popular things, plus also geography.

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