Russophobia is not helpful

Being against President Putin and some of his supporters in the Ukrainian Invasion, sure is helpful!

But, being against Russians simply because they are Russian is not good.

This goes for Russian Oligarchs too.

We need to mobilize a Russian resistance, and thus we need to be careful the collective punishments we choose for Russians!

Does there need to be some sort of collective punishment? Unfortunately, probably there does need to be for numerous of reasons, but we cannot go too far, and also, we need to reform our rhetoric!

During the War on Terror, our rhetoric went from it is not all Muslims to banning Muslims from the US. Henceforth, let us not make this a banning all Russians. Let us make sure we support Russians and their right to choose their leaders. And the same goes for Belarus and Belarusians.

Published by CK 22

I like history, politics, foreign diplomacy, sports, and more. Basically, the most popular things, plus also geography.

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