This Invasion is an effective genocide of Ukrainians

President Putin does not consider Ukrainians a real people or Ukraine a real country.

Thus, his hopes are to conquer these people fully by any means necessary.

By labeling his opponents as neo-Nazis and Western agents, he is able to dehumanize them to the point that countless civilian casualties is okay!

He wishes to erase their culture. The de-Nazification part is simply de-Ukrainian.

But, it is not just President Putin. It is the Russian Orthodox Church and its clergy including Partiarch Kirill of Moscow!

Patriarch Kirill and other clergy have also called on Russia and Ukraine to be one. He wants to end the idea of Ukraine being separate from Russia in all things including religion. He wants Ukrianians to be under the Russian Orthodox Church and not on their own.

Thus, the Russian State has isolated itself around the world in favor of erasing Ukriane and Ukrainians. The Russian Orthodox Church has committed a schism with the Eastern Orthodox Church by wanting to erase Ukraine and Ukrainians too.

Make no mistake, the plan is to destroy and erase Ukraine, and both actors will do and justify anything they can to win.

This is why Russians are indiscriminately bombing cities and killing civilians, plus firing upon nuclear power plants. Russia will attempt to win no matter the costs to their international standing.

This is why we must worry! It can get worse and probably will, unless something or someone changes in Russia itself. We need a change of heart fast or a change of leadership.

Published by CK 22

I like history, politics, foreign diplomacy, sports, and more. Basically, the most popular things, plus also geography.

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