Ukrainian Unity and Support is Massive for Defense of their Country

Ukraine has shown tremendous amounts of unity during this war.

Because of this, Ukraine and its diaspora has been able to supply funds, weapons, and other necessities like military personnel that has helped curb Russian aggression.

But, a factor that most helped is their positivity. According to a Ukrainian poll, 82% of Ukrainians believe they will repel Russia. This amount of belief in their country makes Ukraine much stronger than a nation in low morale like Russia.

This means that the international community is doing a good job to provide Ukraine with hope! And, this also means that if Ukraine can continue this position of being positive, that Ukraine will most likely continue their resistance until they successfully take over all of Ukraine again.

Published by CK 22

I like history, politics, foreign diplomacy, sports, and more. Basically, the most popular things, plus also geography.

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