NATO Please Start Protecting Gotland and Åland, Covertly!

NormanEinstein; Wikipedia

These two islands need covert protection as well as their civilians to be armed.

These are two very important island archipelagos in the Baltic Sea and they desperately need protection from the Russians who are planning to go there. I have stated this since 25 February!

The Russians have not started their invasions yet, and hopefully never do.

But, there are two reasons to arm and protect them before an invasion.

  1. Both provide a threat and with more weapons and more protection, the likelihood of invading these islands fall, which is the ultimate goal, no invasion or war here.
  2. If Russians do invade, both sets of islanders are nationalists to their own island and will fight for it. They could become a strategic nightmare and be the literal straw, given both islands size, that broke the camels back, Russia’s.

Furthermore, there still needs to be more defenses going into Western Ukraine, as well as Poland, Moldova, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, and covertly into Finland and Sweden, where Åland and Gotland actually are respectively.

Also, try aligning with the Sápmi people and other ethnic groups in these nations with no country like the Ruthenians, Gypsies, Sorbians, Kashubians, etcetera.

Show the Gypsies and Sorbians how Russia has trended toward more fascist than communist to alert them their minority rights could be at risk too, at least the idea of them being their own independent minority.

But, to Finland and Sweden, especially to Finland, make sure to know this could be a trap. Keep your eyes on Finnish-Russian border and just have “someone” supply protection and arms to Åland. For Sweden, they can afford more military protection of their own in Gotland. Also to Finland, try to pass on messages using common Uralic words to your Uralic brothers and sisters in Russia, especially in Karelia. They could provide a resistance and threat to Saint Petersburg forcing President Putin to overthink or get overwhelmed.

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