Russia has Crossed Another Line! Next is NATO:

Russia has started to bomb Lviv, Ukraine, the home of the resistance.

Russia should be careful not to push too far, but if they do want complete domination over all of Ukraine, then Lviv would be a good place to eliminate for them, assuming the Russians do not care about human rights.

However, bombing Western Ukraine draws more of the ire of all Western Institutions, and it also creates the desperation of the potential for all-out guerilla warfare.

Russia had the ability of peacefully de jure taking Crimea as support for it in the world community had grown.

If Russia had stopped at just being in the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic controlled areas, and had simply just recognized them, then they probably still would have gotten their wishes over the spectre of a war.

The invasion of Ukraine, as bad as this has been, could have stopped with Russian gains before Kiev.

And, even after Kiev, leaving Lviv free would have still possibly been acceptable.

But, the Russians are now invading everywhere leaving no safe havens.

Ironically, by recognizing Lviv as being Russian according to the Russians, the Russians are acknowledging the modern-day borders of Ukraine because they are recognizing Lviv as being Ukrainian Rus’ land, a point of contention with Polish people and others and a common-day example of people in the West stating Ukraine is just an invention.

The next line the Russians should be careful to cross is going into NATO territory. Once they do this, if they do, they really may be alone for along time and in a losing fight.

But, going into Lviv is the first example of Russia going into the West as Lviv is a Western city, just like Donestk is an Eastern city. This is inexcusable from the current identity perspective President Putin is emanating from his bully pulpit.

This is also a further abuse of the Russian Orthodox Church and Russia on the Catholic community, and could have disastrous effects for Syria whose regime has been largely supported by the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox communities there. But, this may be a point of contention, unless the Patriarch of Antioch comes out against this attack on Lviv.

If anyone deserved to take over Lviv, it is either a Lviv-led resurgence of a new independent Galicia, a Polish re-takeover of Lviv, or an Austrian or Hungarian re-take over of Lviv. Russians should not even believe they have rights to Lviv, or they risk asking for too much and taking too much.

Lastly, the Russians should understand that by keeping Lviv separate, the spectre of war might have coerced people into accepting Lviv and Western Ukraine as the new borders of Ukraine, and thus stopped any fighting and a de facto acceptance of Russia’s gains. However, now, Russians will potentially invite the menace of the Resistance into their country, making it very hard for Russia to operate securely.

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