It is Time for Pakistan to Recognize the NRF as the Afghanistan Government

Time has long passed for Pakistan to become a good actor on the world stage.

Pakistan continually has backstabbed allies and has taken from all sorts of countries and ideologies, whether it be the USA, PR China, or radical Islam, Pakistan continues to move toward a world where it is not trusted and continually attacked and radicalized, creating more instability and more poverty.

In order to stop this radicalization and these attacks, Pakistan needs to stop propping up the Taliban-led Afghanistan and revert to supporting the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan government, placed in the trust of the National Resistance Force (NRF).

If Pakistan fails to do this, Pakistan will continue to fall into the same trap of sponsoring the Taliban under the false pretense that the Pakistan Taliban is different and that the Afghanistan Taliban will stop it. The Afghanistan Taliban will continue to allow the Pakistan Taliban safe haven as both seek to reunite Pashtunistan.

Pakistan must remember that to fight terrorism, one must support those trying to fight it. The NRF is fighting terrorism for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Check this featured link for an update on the situation:

For more in-depth coverage knowledge on the situation unfolding in this region from the Afghanistan pull-out, check out:


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