NCAA FBS Rankings Week 4:

Conference: Out of Conference record; Independents: 8-15; BYU, Notre Dame, Liberty, Army, UCONN, UMASS, NMSU Photo from Jennifer Buchanan / The Seattle Times

NCAA FBS Top 25 for Week 3:

Conference: Out of Conference Record; SEC: 22-4; Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Auburn, LSU, Missouri, Vanderbuilt Big 12: 16-3; Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, TCU, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Texas, Kansas, Iowa State, West Virginia Pac-12: 16-6; USC, Oregon State, UCLA, Washington, Washington State, Utah, Oregon, Arizona,Continue reading “NCAA FBS Top 25 for Week 3:”

The Solomon Islands Repress Freedoms and PNG Territory is Under Threat

The Solomon Islands recently went into a deal with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) that would allow the PRC to send “police, armed police, military personnel and other law enforcement” to the country for various reason including “maintaining social order” and “protecting people’s lives and property”. The Solomon Islands have tried to downplay theContinue reading “The Solomon Islands Repress Freedoms and PNG Territory is Under Threat”

Greenland 🇬🇱 Applied to join CONCACAF Earlier this Year

You may know the North American nation of Greenland for the well-known common tale of how Greenland and Iceland were named to confuse future conquerers? Or perhaps, you know Greenland because you really like polar bears and glaciers? Or maybe you are a map enthusiast and are drawn to its sheer deceiving size? There areContinue reading “Greenland 🇬🇱 Applied to join CONCACAF Earlier this Year”

El Salvador Football Federation on Verge of FIFA Ban

El Salvador’s Football Federation (FESFUT) has been receiving pressures to change their leadership from INDES, the Salvadoran Sporting Federation of which President Bukele’s half-brother is the president of. INDES is a governmental institution in charge of most of the major sports federations since 1980, but the sports federations are supposed to be almost completely autonomousContinue reading “El Salvador Football Federation on Verge of FIFA Ban”


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