The World Mourns the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II was the second longest reigning monarch (70 years) after King Louis XVI of France (72 years), and as such, Queen Elizabeth II oversaw an era of deep technological and societal shifts. For one, she is often regarded as the first British Monarch to openly grant self-determination to her colonies. Under her rule,Continue reading “The World Mourns the Death of Queen Elizabeth II”

Pope Francis needs to keep the Republic of China’s recognition

The Holy See officially recognizes the Republic of China (Taiwan/Chinese Taipei) as the representative of China. The Holy See has a chancery/embassy there (called an apostolic nunciature), the Holy See has assigned ambassadors there (called apostolic nuncios), and the Republic of China returns the favor with a chancery/embassy and diplomats in Rome (most embassies accreditedContinue reading “Pope Francis needs to keep the Republic of China’s recognition”

Crisis Averted?

Sovereign Knights of Malta (SMOM) Grand Chancellor, Albrecht von Boeselager, has confirmed in a letter that the Holy See’s representative cardinal, Cardinal Tomasi, has met both himself and the Order’s nominated leader for the new constitutional reform committee, Marwan Sehnaoui, on Friday 28 January. Grand Chancellor Albrecht von Boeselager and the leadership of SMOM haveContinue reading “Crisis Averted?”

Pope Francis, Please Listen to your Most Faithful on the Sovereign Knights of Malta

It was 20 September 1870 when the Papal States fell to the Kingdom of Italy in Rome, cementing the end to territorial rule of the Pope until 1929. Since that moment, that very event has been met with sourness from many Catholics who continue to seek more land under the Church to defend against the onslaughtContinue reading “Pope Francis, Please Listen to your Most Faithful on the Sovereign Knights of Malta”

Why it is Important to Believe in God

Belief in God is so important for our lives as human beings for so many reasons. For one, belief in God and following your Faith already makes you an unselfish person to the extent that you place God before yourself. This is a good start to any healthy life, because we need rules to keepContinue reading “Why it is Important to Believe in God”

Louisiana should accept the Haitian Refugees

Louisiana, like most of the area around the Mississippi River, used to be a part of the Kingdom of France. Louisiana was a part of the Louisiana Territory of France, as an administrative district under New France, from 1682-1769 and from 1801-1803, although a few of these years are debated. Bourbon Spain ruled this territoryContinue reading “Louisiana should accept the Haitian Refugees”