Rare and Deadly SMA Disease Strikes Toddler – Family needs Donations

A young boy by the name of Muhammed (Muhammet) Eymen Kaya in Erzurum, Turkey was diagnosed with SMA Type 1 in February 2023. As a result of this critical diagnosis, Muhammed has been receiving treatment in the Erzurum City Hospital, but in order to continue living, Muhammed will need to be treated in Dubai withContinue reading “Rare and Deadly SMA Disease Strikes Toddler – Family needs Donations”

Top 32 Clubs in the World:

Liverpool (England) Manchester City (England) Real Madrid (Spain) Chelsea (England) Bayern Munich (Germany) PSG (France) Inter Milan (Italy) FC Porto (Portugal) AC Milan (Italy) Villarreal (Spain) Juventus (Italy) RB Leipzig (Germany) Real Betis (Spain) Atl├ętico Mineiro (Brazil) Racing Club (Argentina) SC Portugal (Portugal) Borussia Dortmund (Germany) Ajax (Netherlands) Red Bull Salzburg (Austria) SC Freiburg (Germany)Continue reading “Top 32 Clubs in the World:”

Olympic Men’s Basketball (5×5) Quarter-final matchups:

Quick synopsis of each team; skip this if you want to get to the matchups! If there ever was a time to watch Olympic basketball, it has to be this year, with no clear out and out favorite. It looked like the USA was, until their exhibitions and first game at the Olympics. Spain isContinue reading “Olympic Men’s Basketball (5×5) Quarter-final matchups:”

Why CONCACAF and CONMEBOL Should Create a New Tournament

The North and South American Continents will forever be connected as The New World. But, in both geography, and in many sports, these two continents are separated. Geographically, North America features all of the land north of the Panama Isthmus and the islands in the Caribbean. Thus, in sports, various international governing bodies like FIFAContinue reading “Why CONCACAF and CONMEBOL Should Create a New Tournament”