NCAA FBS Top 25 for Week 3:

Conference: Out of Conference Record; SEC: 22-4; Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Auburn, LSU, Missouri, Vanderbuilt Big 12: 16-3; Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, TCU, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Texas, Kansas, Iowa State, West Virginia Pac-12: 16-6; USC, Oregon State, UCLA, Washington, Washington State, Utah, Oregon, Arizona,Continue reading “NCAA FBS Top 25 for Week 3:”

The Rams Proved What it Means to Keep Pushing

Rams Fans, Players, Coaches, and LA deserved this Super Bowl for all each have had to go through as a football community. I do not think people realize how many Division 1 and NFL teams LA Area lost in the 1990s and early 2000s! It is quite incredible that so much of LA has come back to the LA Rams and NFL Football. When making the Bengals the underdogs and emotional appeal to root for, these facts were overlooked.

Christmas Season Equals Football which Equals Bowl Games: The Story of how a Rose Parade transformed football forever.

It is the Christmas Season (and the other Holidays) and it is College Football Bowl Season! Wow, Santa Clause will be here any moment, and so will the New Year, and with that comes Bowl Games! What are they, and why does America have them? First, if you are an American football fanatic, but doContinue reading “Christmas Season Equals Football which Equals Bowl Games: The Story of how a Rose Parade transformed football forever.”

NCAA FBS Top 25 Rankings Week 15:

Alabama 12-1 SEC Cincinnati 13-0 AAC Michigan 12-1 Big Ten Georgia 12-1 SEC Notre Dame 11-1 Independents Baylor 11-2 Big 12 Ole Miss 10-2 SEC Ohio State 10-2 Big Ten Michigan State 10-2 Big Ten Oklahoma State 11-2 Big 12 BYU 10-2 Independents Pittsburgh 11-2 ACC Oklahoma 10-2 Big 12 Louisiana-Lafayette 12-1 Sun Belt UtahContinue reading “NCAA FBS Top 25 Rankings Week 15:”

NCAA FBS Rankings Week 12:

Georgia 10-0 SEC Cincinnati 10-0 AAC Oregon 9-1 Pac-12 Ohio State 9-1 Big Ten Alabama 9-1 SEC Michigan State 9-1 Big Ten Michigan 9-1 Big Ten UTSA 10-0 C-USA Oklahoma State 9-1 Big 12 Oklahoma 9-1 Big 12 Notre Dame 9-1 Independent Wake Forest 9-1 ACC Ole Miss 8-2 SEC Baylor 8-2 Big 12 SanContinue reading “NCAA FBS Rankings Week 12:”

NCAA FBS Week 11 Rankings:

Georgia 9-0 SEC Oklahoma 9-0 Big 12 Cincinnati 9-0 AAC Alabama 8-1 SEC Oregon 8-1 Pac-12 Ohio State 8-1 Big Ten Michigan State 8-1 Big Ten Michigan 8-1 Big Ten UTSA 9-0 C-USA Notre Dame 8-1 Independent Oklahoma State 8-1 Big 12 Ole Miss 7-2 SEC Texas A&M 7-2 SEC Wake Forest 8-1 ACC BYUContinue reading “NCAA FBS Week 11 Rankings:”

NCAA FBS Week 10 Rankings:

Georgia 8-0 SEC Oklahoma 9-0 Big 12 Cincinnati 8-0 AAC Michigan State 8-0 Big Ten Alabama 7-1 SEC Oregon 7-1 Pac-12 Ohio State 7-1 Big Ten Michigan 7-1 Big Ten Wake Forest 8-0 ACC Notre Dame 7-1 Independent Oklahoma State 7-1 Big 12 Baylor 7-1 Big 12 Texas A&M 6-2 SEC Auburn 6-2 SEC OleContinue reading “NCAA FBS Week 10 Rankings:”

NCAA FBS Rankings Week 8:

Georgia 7-0 SEC Cincinnati 6-0 AAC Oklahoma 7-0 Big 12 Michigan 6-0 Big Ten Michigan State 7-0 Big Ten Oklahoma State 6-0 Big 12 Alabama 6-1 SEC Ohio State 5-1 Big Ten Iowa 6-1 Big Ten Penn State 5-1 Big Ten Coastal Carolina 6-0 Sun Belt San Diego State 6-0 Mountain West Oregon 5-1 Pac-12Continue reading “NCAA FBS Rankings Week 8:”

Week 6 NCAA FBS Rankings:

Alabama 5-0 SEC Georgia 5-0 SEC Iowa 5-0 Big Ten Oklahoma 5-0 Big 12 Penn State 5-0 Big Ten Cincinnati 4-0 AAC Michigan 5-0 Big Ten Oregon 4-1 Pac-12 Ohio State 4-1 Big Ten BYU 5-0 Independent Coastal Carolina 5-0 Sun Belt Michigan State 5-0 Big Ten Oklahoma State 5-0 Big 12 Notre Dame 4-1Continue reading “Week 6 NCAA FBS Rankings:”

NCAA FBS Top 25 after Week 4:

Alabama 4-0 SEC Georgia 4-0 SEC Oregon 4-0 Pac-12 Iowa 4-0 Big Ten Oklahoma 4-0 Big 12 Penn State 4-0 Big Ten Notre Dame 4-0 Independent Cincinnati 3-0 AAC Ole Miss 3-0 SEC Arkansas 4-0 SEC Michigan 4-0 Big Ten Florida 3-1 SEC BYU 4-0 Independent Frenso State 4-1 Mountain West Michigan State 4-0 BigContinue reading “NCAA FBS Top 25 after Week 4:”

The Most Untapped Potential FBS Football Team…Zot!

Located in the safest city in the USA, in the generally ranked, top county in the USA, bordering some of the nicest and most sought after cities to live in worldwide, sits the University of California, Irvine (UCI). UCI was founded in 1965 and was named after James Irvine, founder of what would become theContinue reading “The Most Untapped Potential FBS Football Team…Zot!”

NCAA FBS Football Top 25 Rankings Week 2:

1. Alabama 2-0 SEC 2. Georgia 2-0 SEC 3. Iowa 2-0 Big Ten 4. Penn State 2-0 Big Ten 5. Texas A&M 2-0 SEC 6. Cincinnati 2-0 AAC 7. Oregon 2-0 Pac-12 8. UCLA 2-0 Pac-12 9. Oklahoma 2-0 Big 12 10. Clemson 1-1 ACC 11. Florida 2-0 SEC 12. Virginia Tech 2-0 ACC 13.Continue reading “NCAA FBS Football Top 25 Rankings Week 2:”