Environmentalism, Monarchy, and Capitalism

Some may say that each of these terms juxtaposes the other, but King Charles III hopes to change this.

In a meeting held with Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, James Marape, King Charles III and PM James Marape discussed a new hope for the world economy that would reward the environmental benefits of countries like Papua New Guinea, and the industrial and innovative countries like the United Kingdom.

Luckily for King Charles III, he is the king of both of these nations and wields considerable influence in both the industrial and environmental worlds.

What the plan centers around is the ability of countries that do provide conservation and reduced deforestation with money for their services in lign with our capitalist world.

The goal is to reward nations for being environmental, like a tax credit for an electric car does.

But instead of a tax credit, it would be in the form of an actual payment for a service.

And what would this service be?

A lot of people know that in the fight against carbon in the atmosphere, trees and other plants are a great way to stop the excessive amounts reaching up there that contribute to an ever warming climate. Even if you do not believe in this scientific belief, you can agree that the conservation of forests is good for our planet.

Either way, there is a real service these natural habitats are providing all of us.

For many, like King Charles III, this is providing us with the ability to continue to industrialize and grow the world economy, while fighting pollution and human-caused climate change. The more trees we grow, the easier it is for us to breathe, and the better our planet operates. And, by offsetting for the conservation of these forested areas like in Papua New Guinea, we are able to grow industry without seeing as harmful effects, as people desperately need money as well.

But, for this to happen, there needs to be monetary incentives for countries like Papua New Guinea to continue to conserve amidst many lucrative proposals from industries to mining and to do other activities that disrupt this fragile ecosystem.

Maybe this will come from other countries, or maybe this will come from private corporations. As King Charles III mentioned before, private industries would be much better at dealing with these issues.

Photo from Papua New Guinea Today


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